Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hoping for a sweet life .....

I love making chocolates!   Setting aside the fact that it is the only way my best friend and his nut allergies can actually eat chocolate, as the song says ... there ain't nothing like the real thing.
But chocolate does not begin to compare with the sweetness that the four legged family circle brings me each and every day.    Each and every one of them are such optimists that the casual observer would never guess that they have all have been through a such a rough patch before they were rescued
So I'm not just blowing smoke ... each and every day I live with the "more love than anyone could possibly imagine" that rescued pets bring to the table.
Do I want every pet on the homeless pet site to get adopted?  You Bet!   And not just for the pets sake, eh?
It is a such hard old world out there these days .... so it is always nice to see someone soften their own life with the love of a rescued pet :)



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