Saturday, April 9, 2011

In praise of a bit of new math

from the Letters to the Editor in this morning's herald
Homes vs. habitats
Sat, Apr 9 - 4:54 AM
I am 11 years old and want to share my concerns about coyotes and other wild animals. I am not old enough to vote, but someday I will be, so I sent a letter to two politicians. Up where I live, we have coyotes, deer, rabbits and other wild animals. I have been hearing about coyote attacks, and I’ve noticed that new houses are being built right where the wild animals live. Humans are tearing down the woods these animals call home.
Now maybe some people agree with me and maybe some people don’t. I think it would be a great idea to have a vote to see what people think of putting a stop to the construction of homes in woodsy areas that result in the destruction of animal habitats.
Lauren Humes, Middle Sackville
Honestly, I don't know what impresses me more ... the opening line of 'I am eleven years old', how carefully it was written or the fact that this lovely young lady has already ticked in to the power of the pen.
Is this brand new information?  Of course not!  But it just seems to have more impact when it comes 'out of the mouth of babes, eh?
Out here the cull doesn't seem to have made any kind of a difference.   We still have the odd hike where we have to carefully backtrack  .... we still have the same daily parade down to drink at the upper pond ... and any sensible souls still do not leave dogs tied out unattended or cats to wander at will.
What time is it?  When the truth is so simple that even a child can see ... it is way past time for our provincial politicians to take a better tack with wildlife management than culling and killing.
'How can you do new math with an old math mind.' Charlie Brown /Peanuts

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