Thursday, April 28, 2011

A little cat(ch)ing up

Its always easy to find the gardeners in the room ... we are the ones who are always happy to see such a good rain!   Overnight it seems like my forsythia has bloomed, all the trees are in full bud and even the most reluctant of the roses are greening back to life!
Its a dangerous time of year for gardeners to go shopping for seeds! We are all so eager to get going that it is all too easy to forget any sensible resolve.  Gosh  ... all my good intentions to only buy rawhides at the feed store somehow went south when I spotted the irresistible bins of seed!
Even so, this isn't my first dance, so I understood before I bagged the seeds what kind of work will be involved to get from raw seed to harvest.
It takes more than good intentions to get a great idea off the ground too.  When we came home from the woods this morning, I was rummaging around to see how the Spay Day project was going.  I knew that their fundraising dinner had been a success, and was curious to see when they were starting.
Starting? Hah!  They've already started!   As of this writing, ten cats have been spayed and neutered already!  They are expecting next week to be very busy as well!
Its not as elaborate as the lovely High Volume / Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic Proposal that has been gathering dust for well over a year now.   But it is, in militaryspeak, an achievable objective that is actually in motion now.  Even better, every cat that is fixed now becomes part of the solution instead adding to the problem.  Best of all, it is already showing the sort of success that would stand it in good stead should there be opportunities to apply for municipal funding at any time.  
What time is it?  It is always, always time to salute success!
Never be afraid to try something new.  Remember that amateurs built the Ark and professionals who built the Titanic.  source unknown

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