Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dusting off our orange finery .....

What a beautiful, balmy morning in the woods!   Mornings like this seem made for hiking with the dogs ... with no shortage of scents where the wild things were and occasional glimpses of wild things where they are!
It would be impossible to live out here ... to be part of this community... and not be aware that hunting season is just around the corner.   For someone like myself, who is lucky enough to have access to acres of private land, it doesn't really represent any real hardship.
While we need to bundle up in bright orange before we head out, at least we can still go!   Over the years, I can count on one hand the number of wayward hunters we have met  .... but that is still enough to make the orange worthwhile, eh?
Hunting season starts next Friday, the twenty-eighth of October and continues until Saturday, the third of December. 
What does that mean in realspeak for those who don't hunt?  Why of course that this week is the time to shop for the doggie hunting vests that will keep your best friends safe.  While there is never any shortage of orange finery for humans, around here at least, there is a more limited supply for the dogs. 
Does it matter if you don't let your dog off leash?   Personally my tolerance for risk is never that high when it comes to my dogs.  Humans can trip, leashes can be dropped and a myriad of other unpredictable bits can happen in the woods!    For the very small amount that a simple orange safety vest for a dog costs, it would not be worth the risk!
After all, by law, every human heading into the woods during hunting season is obligated to wear orange anyway, eh?    
Cost of an orange vest for a dog?   Much less than a trip to the movies.   Cost for an orange hat for a human?   Much less than a mid priced bottle of wine.  Being able to go the woods everyday during hunting season?   Priceless!
What time is it?   It is always time to remember that it is impossible to put a price on protecting the pets that we love!

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