Monday, October 31, 2011

A little eye candy for a treat

In the course of building and maintaining the homeless pet sites, it quickly became clear that all petfinder coordinators were not created equal.    Listings run the full gamut from fantastic pics with funny and appealing bios to bare bone bits where the pictures are expected to be worth a thousand words.
Are things improving?  You bet!  
I noticed on the new and easier to navigate site for the society that all the branches now are part of the site and have lovely pages for listing their adoptables!   Each one has nice pics and an engaging little bio.   
Does it matter if these echo the pics and bios from the petfinder listings?  Of course not!    Someone who stumbles into the society site might not ever venture into petfinder, eh?   Savvy rescues such as ARC and ECGSR have long understood the value of covering all their bases, eh?
But I am, once again, wandering afield!  The point I am making in my meandering way is that online exposure for the animals plays a key part in boosting adoptions.
In that spirit, thanks to the extra effort made by one of my favourite petfinder coordinators, I have a little eye candy to offer as a Halloween treat!
Have a safe night and have fun!

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