Friday, October 21, 2011

More on The Mighty Quinn !

Wow!!!  What a lot of rain we had yesterday!   When Miss Ruby and Henry first came here, it was pretty darned hard to persuade them to put their paws outside the door in a deluge like that!   Being older and wiser, it took Rascal exactly two minutes to understand there was no point in being a 'fair weather friend' ...  that in this house wet dogs get towel dried and chilly dogs have the comfort of a cozy fire!
Clearly Quinn is every bit as quick.   To see him standing there in that lovely raincoat, the casual observer could never imagine that in Quinn's sad old life, he spent so many cold and lonely days outside on the end of a rope :(
Seeing Quinn so well socialized with all his foster Mom's dogs and 'visitors' really puts paid to the old myth that old dogs cannot be taught new tricks!   Look at how lovely and gentle he is with even the littlest of them!
Now that did not happen overnight.   This was the very first Thanksgiving that Quinn actually had blessings to count!  It marked the five month anniversary of his wonderful new life as The Mighty Quinn!
Five months of a shared journey as his wonderful foster Mom has gradually introduced him to all the delights of domestic bliss.   Five months of discovering that human hands could offer a gentle loving touch.  Five months of easing into such uncharted waters as stairs and sofas.
Since Quinn has come under the loving umbrella of Atlantic Small Dog Rescue, he has had Reiki, T-Touch, Homeopathy, Veterinary care and Herbal care! After such a hard life, not all of his fur will completely grow back,  but these treatments have done wonders for his general well being.
It has been a busy week for Quinn.   On Sunday he spent some more time with Sylvia Jay!   ( The timely topic of Sylvia's sweet new service to help kind hearts pick the puppy or pet best suited to their particular reality is a really neat one that will definitely get a post of it's own soon! )
Quinn still has some difficult health problems, primarily related to his skin and his bowels.   So Wednesday, his wonderful foster Mom took him into Full Circle Veterinary Alternatives in Dartmouth for the whole bodied approach of Chinese medicine.
What an adventure!   Everyone at the clinic was impressed by how bright and well behaved Quinn was!    He is curious about everyone and everything!   So what was the result?    As well as a new round of shampoos and soaps, his foster Mom went home with Chinese herbs and supplements to help his blood and spleen ... along with a request to have him x-rayed at the Bridgetown Animal Hospital, which has provided such wonderful support!  (As a sidebar note to that, I am happy to report that there was nothing noteworthy on yesterday's x-ray :)
Quinn rounded out his trip to the big city with a trip to Three Dog Bakery, where they gave him a delicious treat!   On his way home, he shared the back seat with a new ASDR foster, a beautiful little chihuahua named Lilah Rose! 
Quinn's foster Mom told me that if it takes a village to raise a child, it really has taken a collective community to raise Quinn!
What time is it?  It is always, always time to acknowledge the important role that the entire animal loving community plays.   From emailing politicians to stepping up with support whenever and wherever the need arises .... it is this community of kind hearts that will really change the world for the animals!


Melinda said...

My boy looks better and better every day... his physical self is beginning to match his dog self! Yay to everybody for loving this guy!

Anonymous said...

What a well written story on our boy Quinn! Thank you for all you did to help Quinn get where he is today!

Shelley xoxox