Friday, October 28, 2011

A little rant about black cats and bigotry

He purrs like a Mack truck and is so full of love that he is willing to snuggle with anyone ... on four paws or two!    He is the comforting warmth at night snuggled up to a sore shoulder.   He is gentle and affectionate and living proof that love should always be color blind!
Black cats really do get a bad rap!   They can 'sit on the shelf' as adopters pass them over for their tabbie and tortie and marmalade cousins.  
How did the 'evil black cat' legends begin?    In the old Celtic and Norse tribes, white cats were thought by some to holy.   Did the antithesis automatically arise ... that if white were good, then black must be bad?
Is it that in our culture black is perceived as a color of sorrow and mourning?    In the Chinese culture, white is the traditional colour of mourning and sadness.
Many of the legends were born during the Woman's Holocaust ... when mob hysteria was used to subjugate women and reduce their social significance.    The subject of how The Burning Times promoted the power of the Catholic Church by fear mongering is a touchy topic that has been swept under our cultural rug until recently. 
Anyone buying into the bit about black cats and witchcraft is simply supporting the same misguided, misogynist inspired bigotry that has allowed the KKK to flourish around North America, eh?
The truth is that for every 'bad' legend' .. there is a 'good' one to balance it out.  In medieval times, fishermans' wives believed that keeping a black cat in the house would guarantee that their husbands would return safe from the sea.   In Latvia, black cats are welcomed by farmers for the good luck they bring.  
In other words, superstition is as superstition does.    It is just a shame that so many folks miss out on such extraordinary cats, eh?   Kitty Bear was a once in a lifetime cat who lived to an exceptional age   She purred like a Mack truck at the sound of my voice and followed me as faithfully as a puppy.  
Kitty Bear was all that ... and living proof every day of her life that black is a beautiful color for a cat.
What time is it?   It is always time to remember that superstition is simply bigotry's evil twin! 

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