Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mmmmm.... more Spay-ghetti!!!!

If there is one thing that all the kind hearts who work animal rescue DO agree on, it is that the only meaningful way to address the cat overpopulation has to include Low Cost Spay Neuter.
So why haven't we seen any Low Cost / High Volume Spay Neuter Clinics in NS?   It certainly hasn't been for want of trying.   Sadly, the society's lovely and modestly priced proposal fell on deaf ears in the city in January 2010.  Since then, they have been presenting it to every politician they can corner, with no noted success so far :(
(The deliberate refusal by most municipalities to acknowledge that caring for community cats is directly correlated to the health and well being of its communities is a separate subject that has, and will again, be deserving of separate blog posts, eh?)
HRM was unwilling to pony up for a start up fee that is barely ONE PERCENT of the $20,000,000 they are willing to spend on their proposed new stadium.  And that stadium estimate is based is based on the very optimistic presumption that other levels of government will step with their own share.  Even worse, it does not allow for the type of cost overruns that seem to permeate every major project in this province.
Does that mean there is no need for a new stadium?  To be perfectly honest, I'm not that up on sports to really know.   But .... as a taxpayer, I am not required to attend or support each and every government project.  It is just a fact of life that taxpayers who do not skate/ play hockey, attend professional sports games, have school age children, ride the bus, etc will still find their tax dollars being spent on such projects.  It is part and parcel of living in a democracy, eh?
Is that a bad thing?  Only if our politicians consider our own particular concerns to be too irrelevant for the public purse to fund.
As we used to say in the sixties .... democracy works best when we remember that we are being bribed with our own tax dollars.   In other words, the only way to engage politicians at any level in support of solutions is with strong voter feedback.  
But I am wandering afield, as I often do in my meandering way!   One woman decided not to wait for the politicians to step up, and started her own little Spay Day project ... one I might add that is turning into a rollicking success.   
Does that let the politicians off the hook?  Of course not!   By the most conservative guesstimates, the cat population in this province has escalated well past the quarter of a million point.   And it will keep on multiplying until municipalities are willing to attach one percent of their enthusiasm for stadiums and convention centers to the issue !
If you are in the HRM area, and looking for a way to help ... why not stop by World Wide furniture on Kempt Road, the Carnegy Animal Hospital in Clayton Par or the Atlantic Cat Hospital on Quinpool Road and pick up a ticket for the Spay-ghetti dinner on Saturday?   Tickets are $10 each and I have been told there will be a vegetarian option this time!

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