Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Great Halloween Fundraiser!!!

I hope that I never outgrow my love of chocolate!    Yes .... I am one of 'those' ones who doesn't dare buy the Halloween treats too early!    Even the deepest discount price will not be helpful if the treats are eaten before the toddlers show up!
Holidays always make a wonderful excuse for a good fundraiser!   The students at NSCC in Shelburne county have 'seized the day' and have come up with a wonderful fundraising idea for PET Projects!  Thurs, Oct 27th and Fri, Oct 28th, they will be hosting a Haunted House at the shelter on Sandy Point Road! (see poster below for details)
What time is it?   It is always time to applaud the groups that have engaged their communities so well and have such strong support from all quarters!

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