Tuesday, November 1, 2011

There is really no secret to success

What a beautiful morning!   Cool and crisp ... with the hard, hard frost that puts paid to most of the leaves left on the trees.  
We are so lucky to be at liberty to go to the woods on such a morning!  On days when Mother Nature is less obliging, it takes a bit more discipline to get out the door ... but once our feet are on the trails we are always glad to be there!  
To be perfectly honest, that is just one more way that the dogs are good for my well being!  Keeping me motivated to hike does double duty by keeping me off the merry go round of meds so many my age are on, eh?
Really .... is that not true with anything in life?   Going the extra mile is always the game changer!
It was no surprise to see that Atlantic Small Dog Rescue has already exceeded their adoption goals for this years Home for the Holidays Program.   To date, they are the only ones among those signed up for the program in NS who have let visitors to their website know they are taking part in the program!
This morning, there was a happy announcement in my inbox that during the first month of the Home for the Holidays 2011, that ASDR had already surpassed their goal of adopting ten pets for this years program!   Eleven good dogs have been adopted and there are still two months to go in the program.  
It wasn't just the cute puppies!   Some of them were senior, special needs, 'almost' housetrained, etc !  In other words, ones who have been waiting a while for their 'lucky day'!
At the end of the day, all their adoptables have really benefited from the free publicity associated with this program.  
To paraphrase Nathan Winograd, support will come when one does a good job and then tells everyone about it!   
Both the ASDR website and their Facebook group are kept current.   Along with all their normal bits about new adoptables, complete with clear pics and even their challenges,  visitors are kept apprised of the progress of the Home for the Holidays' goals!  What a great way to engage support!
What time is it?   It is always time to understand that behind every success story there is at least one woman (or man) who has worked hard to get there!
Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.   Thomas A. Edison

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