Friday, November 25, 2011

Its The 2011 How to Holiday Shop AND Help the Animals Post!

It looks like a holiday postcard out there this morning!  On a day like this, until the boys have had a chance to get around the woodland trails with the four wheelers, we are so lucky to have such a lovely big play yard.
Even better, the training squadron from the base is practicing!  Why is that a good thing?   The first time Miss Ruby saw a plane overhead, she galloped around the yard in hot pursuit ... and it flew away!    It worked once ... so she has never lost faith in her ability to keep our skies clear overhead :)
Happily my clever girl understands that the liberty of the play yard is only possible if she respects the boundaries of the fence.  ( helped of course by the fact that I always, always go out in the yard with them :)
For all the churchgoing folks ... and many more who don't ... one month from today is the big day!   All around the province and beyond, people will be unwrapping gifts and putting on their loosest trousers for turkey dinner :)
A couple of years ago, I did a little blog post about how easy it was to do one's holiday shopping by supporting animal rescue fundraisers.   That has now become an annual tradition ... that's right folks ... this is the 2011 "How to Holiday Shop and Help the Animals" blog post!
No matter where you live in NS, there will no shortage of opportunities to help!

  • Today and Saturday, Nov 25th and 26th, CAPS will have all kinds of lovely treasures at the MacDonald Museum Craft Fair in Middleton 
  • This Sunday, Nov 27th, the first Annual Fashion 4 Paws is being held in the warm room of the Kingston Arena!
  • CAPS Cherished Pet Calendars have become a favourite stocking stuffer up and down the valley
  • On Saturday, Dec 3rd, CAPS will be holding Christmas Pet Photos at the Greenwood Animal Hospital
  • CAPS also offers lovely gift sponsorship packages, where the recipient gets a gift card announcement, photo of the cat or kitten being sponsored and a beautiful sponsorship certificate is also sent to the recipient  (PS  Kindness may be its own reward, but gift givers will also get a tax receipt :)
  • psst ... a little birdie told me that the new Pet Valu in the Mall is going to have a slideshow of the adorable adoptables from CAPS on display in the store window :)

 ARC has all kinds of neat goodies:

  • topping the charts of course is the ongoing offer by the very talented local artist Tracey Jessiman to paint a picture of one's pet for the incredibly modest sum of $100.00 ... with all proceeds going to ARC
  • the lovely fundraising Christmas tree at Westwood Hills Animal hospital is now an ARC tradition.  Stop by and either donate an ornament or buy one:)
  • ARC also has beautiful personalized tree ornaments that are available by order.   Ornaments are $3.00 each and can be preordered by emailing ARC at or through Westwood Hills Animal Hospital
  • And of course, as always, ARC also has a beautiful selection of Jewelry
  • And all kinds of great goodies in their store!  Helpful hint .. their coffee mugs hold exactly one bag of holiday Hershey's kisses :)

East Coast German Shepherd Rescue is holding its Pictures with Santa Paws at Pet Valu in Dartmouth tomorrow, Nov 26th

SHAID has lots to offer anyone in the area:
  • Starting tomorrow, Nov 26th, there is a full roster of opportunities for Pet Pics with Santa Clauss .... click here for the schedule
  • The Annual SHAID Open House is on Sunday, Dec 4th.   There will be Christmas crafts and all manner of goodies :)

The kind hearts at Vetcetera are hosting their Holiday Pet Photos on Saturday, December 3rd ... all proceeds to go to local rescue.  This is a fun event that even includes a Christmas Bake Sale!  Sheesh ... save time in the kitchen AND help the animals!

And of course if you want to stay in your flannel jammies and bunnie slippers, there are no shortage of Facebook Auctions with all sorts of lovely bargains!
Please email me me or leave a comment if I have somehow overlooked anything!

And this is how I see it on Friday, November 25th .... the NINTH day since the dismissed shelter manager and the disbanded branch board created the renegade shelter

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