Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Embrace the love without the sleepless nights :)

I love composting!  What's not to love?  It is one of the easiest organic gardening bits around!   Even better ... it recycles all the garden flotsam and jetsam into some of the best fertilizer to be found anywhere! 
Best of all of course is that, outside of the investment in a composter, the whole process is absolutely free!
Before I found my big fancy Earth Machine composters on a Kings County Earth Day promotion one year, my compost bin was a cobbled up combination of chicken wire and recycled boards. 
It didn't look as tidy as its replacement, but over years of good use it became so fruitful we started calling it the plant hospital.  Herb starts and houseplants that seemed past their best day almost magically sprung back to life in the richness built up over time.   
Tomorrow is the last day of November.   Besides the newsworthy note of being the deadline for the dismissed shelter manager and the disbanded board to hand over control of the renegade shelter , tomorrow is also the last day of Adopt a Senior Pet Month.
This morning when we were in the woods, the casual observer could not possibly imagine that Rascal has only been with us a few months.   That for eleven years he lived a very different life as the dear companion of a woman in her eighties.
Judging by his enthusiasm, odds are that his old life was long on love but short on things like long morning hikes and having the fun of rummaging around the play yard with the big dogs.
To see those stubby little legs trotting along beside me, one would never imagine that Rascal was not born to this life!
All the cliches I use on the senior pet site really are true.   Senior pets ARE more experienced at love!   They ARE mature enough to focus and so they CAN more easily learn new tricks!
Even better,  adopting a senior pet can be a particularly good fit for someone who has made a lifetime journey with an old friend.  For some kind hearts it would be too much to go back to square one with a puppy after years of comfortable companionship.
Best of all of course is that senior pets really do have more love than anyone can imagine for the wise folks who appreciate the Zen of an older pet.   Rascal is as devoted to me as the big dogs who arrived at the young age of two!
What time is it?   It is always time to remember that senior pets are never, ever too old to be loved!

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Cairn Love said...

I just wanted to give you an update on Roxy since it's been more than a year since I adopted her and you gave me all the advice and information to read before I got her. Adopting my sweet little 8 year old cairn was one of the best decisions I've ever made. She was house trained in a day, off leash on walks in the park within a week and has discovered a love for snuggling (that took a few months). Thanks for your great work and information in getting the word out there that seniors really are amazing little dogs. Roxy turns 10 next month and you'd never guess it by looking at her running through the park.