Monday, November 7, 2011

Never, ever too old to be loved!

I am so lucky to be able to go rummaging around the woods on my best friends property every morning!   We've been hanging around together for twenty years this month .... so the trails have become as familiar as a comfy old pair of slippers!
Do I ever get tired of hiking in the same area?   Not on your life!   There are always enough new wildlife sightings and scents to keep everything new and fresh for us every day of each year:)
To be perfectly honest, travelling familiar trails is easy and comfortable and safe!   We already know where the remnants of the old barb wire pasture fences are.   I have learned ( usually the hard way :) not to climb up the steep side of the ridge when the fallen leaves are wet.    Best of all, we generally know where the fox and coyote dens are!
In my books, familiarity does not breed contempt ... it liberates us to really enjoy the experience!
Rather like adopting a senior pet, eh?   Both Andy and Rascal fit in right away here from the first moment their paws hit the floor.   They were old enough and wise enough to settle in smoothly .... and living proof that senior pets really are more experienced at love!
As my friend Janice often says in her blog, we humans so often limit our love with our narrow concepts of time.   Love is not a commodity or a mutual fund ... only to be invested where there can be a 'maximum return' of time.
Two months, two years or two decades .... our pets love us completely and unconditionally every day that we share! 
November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month ... and although this is not a new video, it still gets the point across pretty effectively :)
What time is it?   It is always time to understand that some of the best kindred spirits come in well seasoned and well behaved 'packages'.  At the end of the day, pets are never, ever too old to be loved.

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