Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Its Feline February!

After yesterday's sneak preview of spring, it was a rude shock to wake up to more snow.  The sort of cold and blowing cut right through you stuff that is perfectly normal for February .. just more of a jolt after jeans and sneakers yesterday, eh?
Seeing a branch board president having to resign under a cloud was more than a bit of a bombshell too ... especially after the breath of fresh air we've been seeing with this new board.   I've been married a time or two, so I understand how easy it is to be long on suspicion and short on trust.
Before the keyboards catch on fire .. in no way shape or form am I making any excuses for the individual under investigation.  Mind you .. although I don't believe that the results of said investigation should be swept under the rug, given our currently inadequate animal welfare legislation, I don't see any meaningful penalties coming out of the whole thing ...sigh.
But I am wandering afield here .... the point I am trying to make in my meandering way is that the director, staff and volunteers at the Yarmouth SPCA seem to have taken things in stride.  They still have a shelter to run and are trying to do so in an area off the beaten adopter path.   ( In fact I actually think they are doing better... as you will see below .. but that might be a bit catty ...even for me ..lol )
Which is why I was very pleased to see this new bit they are doing for the kitties  ... Feline February ... which started yesterday.
Every day .. they are featuring a cat like Milo on the front door of their website.  Even better, they are putting these pics on their facebook group so that people can share the lovely pics with their friends..
And .... they have a contest going on where adopters could win five, ten or twenty five dollars off the adoption fee... AND they even have a shot at winning the entire adoption fee!  Almost frosting on the cake that they could also win a few other goodies  ( see poster below )
Best of all ... they are using this lovely bit to launch their spin on Year of the Cat ... they set a goal of reaching 250 cat adoptions to celebrate their 250th birthday.
What time is it?  It is always time to celebrate when someone is willing to go the extra mile for the kitties!
One small cat changes coming home to an empty house to coming home. Pam Brown

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