Saturday, February 12, 2011

Urgent ... Soon to be Homeless Senior needs a Safe Berth!

The seeds are out on display at Avery's ... and that means that its time to start pruning my own fantasy order down to manageable size.  Time to remember that this is a one woman show ... and that this particular woman also likes to go hiking with the dogs every day.
Time to choose the vegies and herbs that will realistically fit in the freezer and pantry.  Time to remember that the kids no longer live close enough to 'raid' Mom's garden.   Time to decide how much time is actually available for watering.  For weeding.  For harvesting / blanching/ canning / etc.
To be perfectly honest, I'm grateful that this is the harshest reality that I currently have to deal with.   Believe me ... I know how darned lucky I am.  
But what if one gets dealt a different hand?  I bet when you looked at the picture of this sweet senior dog, you were wondering when he last had his nails trimmed.  Even me and my trifocals can see that its been a while.
Why?  Doesn't his owner love him?  Of course he is loved!  But sometimes love isn't all we need, eh?  After all, his owner wouldn't be going into a home if he was able to manage everything on his own, eh?
But his owner IS going into a home, and so East Coast German Shepherd Rescue is desperately trying to find a safe berth for this good dog. 
This good boy is a healthy thirteen .... other than the normal bits of arthritis that everyone (on four paws or two) gets if they live long enough.
He gets along well with other dogs, but cats might be a different kettle of fish:)
Experience is such a gift.   I don't have to reinvent the wheel when I'm planning my garden, starting a sewing project or any other familiar task I want to tackle.
It is exactly the same with senior pets.  From the first moment Andy's feet hit the floor here, he settled in like the seasoned old pro that he is.   As I am always saying on the senior pet site, we could embrace the love without the sleepless nights.
Sadly, it often takes time for senior pets to find the kind heart willing to adopt.  Sadly, time is not on this good dog's side, because his owner is going into the home very very soon.
Yet for anyone who has lost a senior pet of their own in the past while, adopting this good boy could be a Very Good Fit.  After living with a lovely settled senior, it might just be too much of a jolt to adopt a young pup. 
But a lovely settled fellow like this .... gosh trim his nails, give him a good brushing and he would be happy to settle right in!
What time is it?  Its time to put your thinking cap on to help this good boy find a home .. because time is not something that he has to spare.

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