Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine treats for the animal loving love of your life

I love watching Pride and Prejudice .... the classic BBC version with Colin Firth of course.   Whats not to love?   Beautiful scenery?  Great costumes?  Lovely old houses?   Its almost frosting on the cake that it is such a timeless tale.
Tis the season for romantic movies, with Valentines Day just around the corner.   It is such a romantic time, eh?   That of course means that in retailspeak it is also a great opportunity.
It is one of the busiest days of the year for florists and restaurants.   Judging by the number of ads for diamonds I expect its a highlight of their fiscal year too. 
If it can be peddled as a suitable gift for the loves of our lives, there are good ads out there to take advantage of the sentimental spirit of the season.
Is that a bad thing?  Of course not!  Using special occasions to sell anything is a time honored advertising tradition.
Which is why I was so happy to see a couple of really sweet things out there for the animals this year. 
Look at this awesome poster that I found on the Yarmouth SPCA's facebook group

And this Saturday, East Coast German Shepherd Rescue has stepped into the spirit with a great Valentine's fundraising idea ... Dancing for Dogs!
Looking for that purrfect Valentine for an animal lover?   CAPS has an awesome sponsorship program for its beautiful kitties.   Anna was showing me a sample package when they were down at the mall last week .. it includes a beautiful card, photo, certificate and even a special photo that looks like a painting!  
While I was down there, I was talking to the foster mom for these two lovely youngsters ... Shylo and Slate.   They were born last July and she was utterly gobsmacked to find out that the person who came out from the city to meet them thought they were Too Old.  
Gosh, if someone was looking to enrich their Own life for Valentines Day, these two would still be purring up a storm long after the chocolates were eaten and the flowers went into the green cart.  Kind of frosting on the cake that CAPS BOGO is a purrmanent thing now and so anyone looking for double the fun with this pair of twins would have half off the second fee :)

In the midst of all this, it would be (and sadly is ) all too easy for folks to forget how tough it is to be a chained dog.  I remember when Smokey was rescued by HART ( the topic of how love can transcend mandates is a sweet subject that is, and will be again I am sure, deserving of its own post on another day.) 
After everything that this grrreat guy has been through, the kind folks at the TLC Shelter would like someone in his new family to be home during the day so that he never has to be lonely and afraid again.  Ever.
February being Have a Heart month at SHAID is a really neat annual tradition.  How does it work?  Well the campaign starts with some of that darned transparency .... posted on the front door of their site to let everyone know how hard they have been working. 
( The subject of how that is part and parcel for Genuine No Kill Shelters and groups is a Very Interesting Subject for another day, eh? )
Rescuing great cats like Mabel is a huge accomplishment, but they do ever so much more than that.  They also partner with South Shore TNR and provide spay neuter subsidies for owned pets.

 And the Valentine Fun doesn't stop there.  If you are stuck for inspiration for the animal lover in your life, there are numerous very cool auctions this week:

What time is it?  Its always time to remember how much fun can be had shopping for the animals :)

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