Friday, February 25, 2011

In praise of carrying a compass

I love making soup on a day like this.  There is something so cozy about such good smells simmering away when the day is so dreary outside.   Soup is one of the few foods around that lends itself well to the fly by the seat of your pants approach.   Its a great way to clean the fridge and to use up all those little bits of things in the cupboard that aren't nearly enough to stand on their own.
Not like baking for sure.  To the casual observer it might not look like I'm using a recipe ... but that's only because the recipes for bread/ brownies/ biscuits are such familiar friends they are committed to memory.
Rather like the recipe for No Kill, eh?   Its not a new concept anymore, so the No Kill Equation is not an unproven theory .. it is a tried and true recipe now.  They have discovered that it IS possible to adopt the way to No Kill.  Straight, sweet and simple.
So how DID that offsite adoption event work for CAPS?  Well I was just updating the CAPS Cat Gallery on the site and there were fifteen kittens and cats that have found their furever homes!    And a little birdie told me that another one is going home tonight ... with the promise of more to come!
The Greenwood Mall loved the whole idea so much that CAPS has been invited back.  Why wouldn't they love it?  People just love to go anywhere that they can meet animals, especially the purrfectly lovely ( and calm and quiet) kitties.   The adoption event attracted quite a crowd to a mall that is in desperate need of more foot traffic. 
Even better, now there can be a better outcome for more cats in Annapolis Animal Control as CAPS had room to take more in!
Win win all around, eh?
Will CAPS be going back to the mall?  You bet!  Plans are already afoot for another event in April if I am not mistaken.
What time is it?  Its always time to celebrate success!
One's vision is not a roadmap but a compass.     Peter Block 

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The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

your comment about soup made me smile--one of my fondest memories is visiting my grammie in her old saltbox...the red and blue checked kitchen tiles, her mac tack table, and grammie rocking away in the corner on her chair. She always had a perpetual kettle of soup on that stove. It may sound gross, but it wasn't. Every sort of veggie, meat scrap, noodles, beans went into that soup, for 25 years it stayed on the stove and was replenshed with leftovers that most people would just toss away today. There was always that same hot soup for anyone who came through grams kitchen. When you live through 2 WW and a depresion your mindset is different than today. I always thought it would make a nice book, Grammie's perpetual Kettle of soup! haha