Monday, February 21, 2011

A little monday morning cat(ch) up

There is a heart shaped sign in my kitchen ... ( ironically from Wheatons aka Home of the Happy Housewife ) that reads "all work and no play makes a housewife.  That being said, even laid back empty nesters like myself still need to do the odd occasional domestic bits to keep the home fires burning in a harmonious and healthy fashion.
I am my father's daughter ... and that means that its a constant struggle not to unleash my inner packrat.  To be perfectly honest, if I hadn't had the wake up call of having to close up my parents' home, it would be much harder to stay on a sensible path.
But I did ... and so every year at this time, before I get busy in the garden .... it has become an annual ritual to "weed" the house in readiness for spring.  Gone are the boxes of old magazines, the years of old cards and all the things that still fit but are years out of style.  The beautiful high heels my fallen arches will never see again.  The novels that will not be worth a second read.
If I do this every year, why are there still things to tackle?  Because I AM my father's daughter, eh?   What if I might need that someday, eh?
That is how the entire top shelf of the rather large spare bedroom closet is stacked to the brim with pictures.Family pictures. Framed finger paintings.  Lovely sketches and paintings in frames needing repair.  
Does that mean that there is nothing hanging on the walls right now?  Of course not!   But the goal is to get the family pics into two albums and get the little paintings into the best frames and up on the wall.  The broken frames will become kindling and the good ones will be given away.
Every now and then, I rummage through the blog to see if there are stories that need updating too:
  •  Do you remember the offsite adoption event that CAPS had at the Greenwood Mall?  Did they have any luck?  You bet.  Within two weeks, several of the cats were adopted.  Sponsorships have picked up.  CAPS is so pleased with the success that plans are already in the works for another one:)  Sheesh .. if they did nothing else but get the good word out about their BOGO program it would have been time well spent.
  • Last week I talked about Little Golden ... and the fact that ARC was fundraising for his eye surgery.   He has had surgery on one eye and that has gone well, so very soon he will be going back to get the surgery on the second eye.  Did I mention how much respect I have for groups that never define "healthy and treatable" by the dollar sign?   There was never any question of him NOT getting the surgery ... as ARC's president said we will just get out and fundraise for it.  Click here if you want to help with that
  • There is some sad news along with the good about the senior dog who needed a safe berth.   For the kind hearts at Atlantic Small Dog Rescue, size never matters and they had agreed to tuck him under their paw.  Sadly this good dog went into medical failure ... very likely prompted by the grief of losing his beloved human :(
  • The miracle cat, Rolo, is still waiting for his Happy Tail at the the Clarenville SPCA
  • Sadly it is no surprise that there is no sign of any Anti Tethering campaign here in NS like the existing one Newfoundland SPCA initiated quite some time ago.  Even though the law hasn't been passed (yet) at least the public in Newfoundland can see this is NOT a humane practice and that their SPCA is publicly opposed to it.  The Nfld SPCA knows that papers and position statements aren't worth the white paper they are written on because the type of people who chain and pen dogs are not likely to visit their website, eh?
  • Happily, Maggie is settling in beautifully and in her wonderful new life will be able to help her amazing Mom  spread the joys of responsible pet ownership:)
What time is it?  Its always time to applaud those who go the extra mile.  There may be less traffic but there are always better results. 
It is today we must create the world of the future.   Eleanor Roosevelt

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