Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Back in the day, I used to love the descriptive language used in crafting formal menus.   Mind you, to be perfectly honest,  all that elegant terminology and enticing description could put a glamorous sheen on anything.   The same people who would leap at the chance to savour the 'garlic scented Escargot Roquefeller' probably spend a fair bit of time every year keeping slugs out of their garden, eh?
In any walk of life, the written word is a powerful thing.   Nowhere is that more evident than in the Petfinder listings that one finds around this province.  
Take for instance, this listing for Atlantic Small Dog Rescue which begins with the appealing phrase " Zoey is a very lovable 2 year old .... " and continues on for five chatty paragraphs that paint a crystal clear picture for a potential adopter.
Or this inventive listing for NS Labrador Rescue, who always use a tongue in cheek style to shine a pawsitive light on things such as "I'm very inventive and figured out that if I jump on the the box and onto the chair I can get onto the table and scope out the goodies left there "
Or this lovely detailed listing for East Coast German Shepherd Rescue which makes sure that potential adopters not only know Katy's backstory, but that she is small, a bit of a Diva and that she "wants to be by your side and loves to cuddle".
Or this appealing listing for Ador A Bull which combines specific details about his progress in training with enticing bits about how he "loves to find a warm lap to curl up on at the end of the day"
Or even this brief bio from Homeward Bound City Pound which describes Snoopy as a " silly little boy with lots of energy" and then goes on to describe the type of home that will be able to "give him all the love and attention that he needs"
Or this special listing for Metro that seeks to engage someone with enough heart to adopt both Amie and Jack, giving a glimpse of their history along with their progress. 
Or this cheerful chatty bio for ARC that goes into great detail so that a potential adopter can see if this grreat guy is the lad they have been looking for ( NOTE: Gordon is the sweetie in the picture at the top of this post ... all the other pics just scroll down for :)
I could go on and on well into the afternoon with all the great bios that have been carefully crafted and about the ones who understand that a great picture is worth a thousand words
Which is why the Petfinder listings for the Cape Breton SPCA stand out so very much more now.  According to last years stats, there was an intake of 1,134 dogs.  That means that the shelter took in an average of 22 dogs each week.  What does that mean in realspeak?  That means that there should definitely be more dogs listed for the last few weeks than the four that are listed there now :(
Even if last years redemption rate of 25 % for the dogs held true, there should still be more listings than these four.  It is the seventh of June today ... and in realspeak it has been over six weeks since there were any new listings for dogs.
What time is it?   It is obviously still time to wonder just what is going on at the Cape Breton SPCA.

Zoey is with Atlantic Small Dog Rescue

Distance is at NS Labrador Rescue

Katy is with East Coast German Shepherd Rescue

Pilsner is with Ador A Bull

Snoopy is at Homeward Bound City Pound

Amie and her pal Jack are at Metro

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