Monday, June 6, 2011

A nice destination for a sunday drive!

I love my sweet O Henry!  What's not to love?  He is gentle with my eldercat and full of patience when little Andy is full of terrier feist.  It really is frosting on the cake that he really is the perfect pal for Miss Ruby.
To be perfectly honest ... handsome is as handsome does.  It is his kind and gentle heart that has endeared him to me.  
I will never forget the day that I met Henry.   It was pure chance that he had just been brought up to the vets in Greenwood by Annapolis AC at the same time as I had popped in to buy food.  
He was so thin ... and his poor little feet were such a mess ... but even on such short acquaintance it was clear that he was a sweet sweet soul.
If CAPS had not been formed in 2004, that magic moment never would have happened for Henry and I.   There would have been no shared journey that would have taught us both such a tremendous amount.
Nope.  If CAPS had not been formed, Henry would not be laying on my grandfather's sea chest watching the hummingbirds outside the window.   He would have been shot. 
Straight sweet and simple ... CAPS was formed to create better outcomes for animals at Annapolis AC.
The short version of this story is that in this is a relationship based world and while I try not to play favourties, I will always have a soft spot for CAPS.  So I was delighted to see that there are plans afoot for an Open House up at Violet Cottage this Sunday coming.
If you have never been to the Cat Cottages it would be worth the trip for that alone!   Violet cottage is full of recycled ingenuity .. much of which began on the roadside for spring and fall pickups:)   Visitors are always impressed by how immaculate the cottages are and by the way every room starts purring as soon as visitors come in!  
What time is it?  If you are looking for a lovely destination for a Sunday drive ... then its time to think about coming to this cute little open house :)

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