Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Purrfect Idea from PET Projects!

I love Dora!  Mind you, anyone who remembers the tale of Dora remembers what was a skittish journey that was!   No stray cat or small foundling had ever prepared me for a relationship with a feral kitten!  From fleeting glimpse to first touch, weeks and weeks were spent building trust.
Weeks of lying on the ice quietly talking to the suspicious little ragamuffin under the garden shed.  Weeks of offering a steady buffet of stinky sardines and canned cat food on the laundry stoop.  Weeks of patience and weeks of love.
To be perfectly honest, a lot of credit has to go to Oscar.   He was drawn in by the food for Dora ... and anyone who has followed this blog for anytime knows that initially I had thought that Oscar was Dora's Mom.  
They both had identical tuxedo bibs and boots ... and he was so nurturing and protective of her it was an easy leap to make.  As everyone knows, stray cats are the original mothers of all ferals, eh?
It took ten months to settle Dora into the safety of the house.   Ten months of baby steps.  Ten months to travel a distance that could be measured in yards!
So it should be no surprise that I have a special affection for anyone who goes the extra mile for feral kitties.  I am a middle aged grandmother not a TNR expert, but I have found out first hand that sometimes the best bits are the ones we have to work the hardest for :)
Which of course is why I was delighted to see that this week, PET Projects is having a Scaredy Cat Special!   Its no secret that I have a special affection for the kind hearts at PET Projects! 
Who wouldn't admire such hard work ... from folks that continually keep coming up with innovative ways to help the animals in their community?   Helping folks keep the pets they love!  Partnering with kind hearts to find better outcomes for homeless pets!  It is no wonder they have such strong community support in Shelbourne County!
What time is it?  It is always time to support those who keep coming up with such great ideas!!

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Nata said...

On behalf of PET Projects, thanks as always for your kind support and spreading the word! You are amazing!