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Saluting the Spectator

From Tuesday's Spectator
Finding forever homes
Published July 19, 2011
Spectator teaming up with rescue groups to help with animal adoptions
By Heather KillenThe Spectator

Quinn has had a rough life, but now he’s in the care of people who care for him. He’s just one of many dogs needing a good home. Contributed
Like many survivors of very hard times, the Mighty Quinn looks pretty old for his age.
Quinn, a mixed breed dog, spent most of his eight or so years tied outside. While his coat is slowly growing back and the open sores over his body have healed, the skin on his neck will probably always be rough and hairless after years of being chaffed by a rope.
While Quinn is one of the more severe hard luck cases to come along in some time, hundreds of animals fall on hard times each year. Even dogs and cats that are loved and pampered suddenly need homes when their caregiver’s lives change.
The Annapolis County Spectator is teaming up with local animal rescue groups to help some of these animals find forever homes. Each week, we’ll feature an adoptable animal from one of the local animal rescue groups.
In the coming weeks, we’ll introduce the groups and feature some of the animals now in foster care.
Mighty Quinn
Nahleen Ashton, a volunteer with Atlantic Small Dog Rescue, said Quinn has been in foster care for nearly three months now after being seized by the RCMP. He gets three baths a week and a special medicated mousse to treat the open sores caused by a severe and chronic flea infestation.
He’s slowly coming around after the years of neglect and is a very friendly and affectionate guy.
“He loves people and people love him,” she said. He’s also recovering from a second surgery to remove a tumour that was initially detected when he was being neutered.
Ashton says he was in such rough shape when she took him in, no one thought he’d live very long. He looks like a very old soul, but could be as young as eight.
“I thought at first, I’ll take him for the end of his days,” she said. “But he’s not on his way out. He just looks old for his age, he’s had a lot of emotional miles put on in those short years.”

Facebook Page
Quinn has his own Facebook Page (The Mighty Quinn) where his status is updated and well-wishers can donate to ASDR to help cover his vet costs. His overall health has improved and he’s now in a foster home that will spoil him.
In many cases a dog needing this much attention would probably be euthanized, but Atlantic Small Dog Rescue ensures that no dog will be turned away due to its size or health. This group was formed after it was determined that many dogs were falling through the cracks due to age, health, or temperament issues.
On February 14th, 2010 the first official rescue, a beagle, appropriately named Valentine was accepted from the Hants County SPCA. A network of foster homes was organized throughout Atlantic Canada.
To date, ASDR has successfully placed 90 dogs in forever homes.
Most of the dogs that come into foster care have not been abused, but have been surrendered by their owners as a result of life changes.
In the Valley area ASDR has six foster homes, including Nahleen Ashton and Julie Lannon. A web site was created, www.asdrescue.com where stories about dogs and a list of dogs we have in foster ready to go to a forever home are featured.
The web site also gives the public the opportunity to apply for a friend, to volunteer or to donate for much needed vetting and supplies.
First and foremost, my hat is off to Heather Killen and the Spectator for starting this lovely new series featuring a different rescue each week!   Who knows how many folks will be inspired to adopt their next best friend as a result of this???
Why am I waxing so enthusiastic?  Is it because articles or features in the mainstream media reach out to the 'silent majority' who who are utterly unaware of the animal rescue websites?  Is it that mainstream media features lend a stamp of legitimacy for ever so many folks?
Or is it simply so lovely to see Quinn's story showcasing the simple truth about our four footed friends ... that they are never too old or too ill to be loved?
What time is it?   It is time to thank the Spectator for using its power to influence public opinion to promote pet adoption!   Buy a paper ... write them a letter .. and encourage your friends to do the same!

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