Monday, July 18, 2011

Mark your calendar for Labour Day Weekend!!!

I love summer, even if it seems to slide away sooner than we would wish.   For my money, the heat and the humidity and the horseflies are easily offset by the mellow South Mountain manyana around here.
Supper can be as simple as stepping outside to BBQ.  Salads can be picked fresh out of the garden ... or found very reasonably at any farmer's market.  Party prep can be as easy as tidying up the firepit!
Around here, summer seems to stretch between two long weekends.   Victoria Day launches the start of camping and gardening season.   After Labour Day the whole back to school bit seems to stop summer in its tracks.
This year there will a wonderful new way to celebrate Labour Day weekend, Atlantic Small Dog Rescue is putting on The First Annual Rescue Dog Show
What a great idea!!!   There will be fun activities to entice people in ... along with a sensibly modest admission fee of two dollars for anyone over twelve!  Rescues will be represented!   There will be vendor tables to explore!
But the fun doesn't stop there!  Already, commitments have been made for :
  • Sylvia Jay is giving a discussion on positive training
  • Bonnie Conrad is going to give a flyball demonstration
  • Amanda Layton is putting on a small dog fashion show
  • Twyla and Spencer are putting on an agility demonstration
  • there will be a musical sit
  • Cynthia will do nail clippings for donations
Gosh ... it is just frosting on the cake that Atlantic Small Dog Rescue will also be holding a silent auction as well as having flea market table!
It should be no surprise to see me waxing so enthusiastic about this event.  Not when it reminds me of all the best bits that a Nova Scotia week for the animals would offer!
It is being held in a very central location ... at the Hants County Exhibition in Windsor.  Good parking .... easy to find ... and with a facility that will work no matter what the weather brings.  
At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, the admission fee is designed to draw people on.   At a time of year when parents are spending big back to school dollars,  it would be poor logic to try to fundraise with the admission fee, eh?
Even better, encouraging attendance is just an excellent investment in humane education for those already out of school.  Each and every person who attends very well may become a more pawsitive pet owner.
Best of all, an easily accessible and fun event is a proven way to promote pet adoption!
What time is it?  It is always time to remember that every good thing has to start somewhere!   Mark your calendar for Labour Day so that you can always say you were there at the start!
Never be afraid to try something new.   Remember, amateurs built the ark.   Professionals built the Titanic.   source unknown.

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