Thursday, July 28, 2011

Big Book Sale this Saturday!!!

Please Note: Due to the forecast for Saturday, the Book Sale has been postponed until Aug 13 with a rain date of Aug 14!
Who doesn't love a bargain?  Before moving back to the Maritimes twenty-four years ago, I had never heard of Frenchies or seen such passion for roadside yardsales!   But ... being a single Mom back in the days before better military paychecks, I took to every new thrifty opportunity like the proverbial duck to water!
Second Chance Charity for Animals shouldn't just appeal to anyone's inner bargain hunter.   All the the proceeds go to rescues in the HRM area ... and in a scant year and a half they have raised an impressive amount ( $22,140 as of last tally on their website)!
How do they do it?  Every weekend, committed volunteers tend their both in the Harbourview Market.   Every now and then there are special events such as this Saturday's Book Sale (see poster below).  And every bit that they raise goes to help animals.
Unlike certain national charitable organizations who spend the lions share of every fundraised dollar on administration and advertising costs .... this is run by volunteers so that the money actually makes its way to the animals.
What time is it?  It is always, always time to cheer when bargain hunting can be of such benefit to the animals! 

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