Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Urgent ... foster needed ASAP for large senior dog!

Rascal has barely been here two weeks ... and already he has our little routine down pat!   He has already learned that Miss Ruby is not above running to the window and barking when someone is sleeping in the dog bed The Queen of Sheba would like to have!
Rascal was quick to learn The First Rule of Cat (we were here first and we rule :)  It took no time at all for him to get the hang of our daily routine and stake out his own spot on my bed.
This is particularly remarkable because Rascal spent ten or so years living with a lady in her eighties.    How could he settle so smoothly into such a very different routine?
Because he is a senior of course!   All those cliches I use on the senior pet site really are true, ya know!   
I will always be grateful to ASDR for stepping up so that Rascal could start the journey that would lead him to my door.  To ARC for rescuing dear little Andy.  How did they do that?  With fosters of course!
If fosters are the lifeblood of rescue, that holds in spades for seniors!  More so, since they can become homeless so suddenly when crisis strikes their caretakers.  
Fosters really make a life and death difference at that time!  Today, ARC needs a foster to provide a safe haven for a lovely thirteen year old dog named Sioux.  
A friend of Sioux's caregiver describes Sioux as "13, gentle natured, non dominant, great with women and even kids, so long as they are good natured themselves. She was raised around a very good natured little girl, and I never thought twice about her being around the dogs, even when the dogs went through hyper puppy stage. Sioux is not food aggressive or property aggressive etc.. Having been raised with a male twin (who died four years ago), she would do well with another older male dog her same size, 80 - 120  lbs., so long as that dog liked other dogs......and liked her...."
Everyone wishes with all their hearts that Sioux could stay with her Mom, but that is not possible.    This is a beautiful gentle dog who deserves the opportunity to have a second chance at love.
What time is it?  It is time for everyone to put on their thinking caps to find a safe foster for this sweet dog so that ARC can tuck her under their paw.  If you can help, please click here.   
Because I can promise you ... they are never, ever too old to be loved.

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