Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yes ... now you can visit SHAID on Sundays!

Even in this brave new world of being able to shop seven days a week, Sundays are still my very favourite!   The tone was set when I was a child  .... when Sundays were always family days.  We went for bike rides, picnicked, BBQ'd and enjoyed my very favourite German thing ... the Schwimmbad (picture a park with playgrounds, pools, restaurants, sports facilities and ya get how much fun that was :)
In this busy world where families often need two incomes to get by, Sunday is still a great day for family activities.  Which of course makes Sundays a stellar time for animal shelters to be open to the public.
Adopting a family pet should be a shared journey that can engage all of the family, eh?  So I was absolutely delighted to learn that starting this weekend, SHAID is going to be open from noon to three pm on Sundays!
Every good thing should be celebrated ... and so SHAID is having a BBQ this Sunday from noon until three pm at the shelter !
What time is it?   It is always time to salute shelters who understand the importance of making it easier and more convenient for kind hearts to adopt a pet! 

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