Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Urgent .... good homes needed ASAP!!!

I have a lot of respect for the individuals who rescue cats.   After everything that they have seen, it is no surprise that they are seldom diplomats.   Truth be told ... I think its incredible that most of them can manage to be polite to people!
That being said ... on a personal level I am pretty typical of most cat owners, in that Morgan is the only cat that I have actually adopted from rescue.   Clive belonged to a friend who passed away.  Everyone just showed up!   
Statistically that's pretty normal.  Don't get me wrong ... its not a bad thing that people adopt strays, but it sometimes makes for tricky times for cat adoption, eh? 
What happens when a legendary cat rescuer has to put rescuing on the back burner when her father becomes too ill to live on his own?  Why then there is an urgent need to find homes for the adoptables in her care of course!
What time is it?   Sonya Higgins has given so much to her community and to the kitties.  Now it is time for everyone to put their thinking caps on and try to help her find good homes for these wonderful cats!

Please Click Here for more information about any of these kitties or how to adopt them.

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