Thursday, August 18, 2011

Adoption Events this Weekend!!!!!

Five years ago today, we found George.    To be perfectly honest, we might have missed hearing his squeaky little peeps had my daughter not been so close to her due date.
Before the big dogs came here ... before my granddaughter was born ... we used to regularly go for a good power hike that looped up the mountain and back down to my door.   Me for my heart ... she for her Mommy!
But five years ago today we had slowed to a power waddle and were wandering down my little country road.    At that pace, it was easy to hear the little peeping noise that piqued our curiosity. 
It took clambering through the ditch and the brush to find the source ... singing away in a puddle of water with a slug on his head!   Small enough to sit in my hand ... with absolutely no idea how far down the food chain he was :(
Happily my vet had an opening that morning and the rest is of course history!  To see his lovely magnificent self draped across my bookcase headboard, one would never imagine how teeny his sweet self was at the start.
To this day, he finds water irresistible!   The communal water dish has to be kept in a big basin to reduce the spillage as he drags it around the kitchen floor.   George is fascinated by bubble baths and seizes the opportunity to be a peeping tom with the shower curtain whenever he can!
Mind you, I'm less smitten with the latest water sport .... playing with the flush handle to hear the water run ... but at least that's easily fixed with the shut off valve, eh?
Five years later, are we still seeing as many cats dumped out here?  General consensus around the 'hood' is no.  Does that mean nobody's dumping cats anymore?  Of course not!  
More likely it is the dozen or so houses that have sprouted up along the way!  The type of person who can casually abandon a helpless pet on a country road isn't going to want an audience!   Deep down they know that it is not acceptable social behavior, eh?
They are still being ditched .... just not here!   How do I know that cats are still being tossed aside like trash instead of being treated like the treasures they are?   Why of course because every single rescue that saves cats is brimming full to bursting!
It is no secret that I am a big fan of adoption events!   It is great to 'free up' rescue slots by getting pets adopted!   Even better, it is wonderful to know that most of the adoptees will be already altered and not add to the numbers!   Best of all of course is the wonderful way that every adoptee becomes a wonderful ambassador for pet adoption period!
  • even though its not for the kitties per se, TODAY, Aug 19th,  the tireless Heather Morrison is holding a spontaneous Moving everything must go Yard Sale  ..... and 20% of all proceeds will go to the wonderful NS Lost Dog Network that she helped to create!
  • Saturday, Aug 20th, PET Projects is holding an Adoption Fair and Bake and Yard Sale at the Shelter Building at 528 Sandy Bottom Road.  It is on from 10 AM to 2 PM and if you want to meet all their adorable adoptables, please click here
  • Saturday, Aug 20th, if you will recall, East Coast German Shepherd Rescue is holding their Adoption Pawty and BBQ at Tailwagggrs in Bedford from Noon to 4 PM (see poster below)
  • Sunday, Aug 21st, CAPS is holding a Kitty Speed Dating Event at 1268 Ben Phinney Road from 2 - 4 PM ( see poster below)
Not every pet that is abandoned finds a safe harbour such as George has.   In my perfect fantasy world, people would stop abandoning animals by the wayside.   Here in the real world, it is much more realistic to recognize that boosting adoptions to keep rescue slots open is the best way to protect unwanted pets.
What time is it?  It is time to share this info ... who knows what wonderful things could come of it for some of the people in your life!!!

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