Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Metro is going to the Hallifax Mall!!

I love trying new recipes!   Mind you, when my daughter was younger, she didn't always appreciate supper being a science project ...... now she understands that each and every one of her favourite standbys once started as a little snippet clipped from somewhere!
From family traditions to favourite sweaters .. at some point in time every bit was brand new.   Social changes we take for granted now all began life being strongly opposed as wacky ideas, eh?
The road to No Kill Nova Scotia is going to be paved with 'newfangled' ideas and notions!   New to us only here of course ... having been time tested and proven elsewhere!
A couple of years ago, there was much scepticism about the idea of offsite adoption events.   While everyone was quick to admit it seemed to work elsewhere, somehow the idea never got out of the gate.  Noone actually called me an idiot (at least to my face and in person) for going on like a stuck record about it ... but it seemed that outside of the Greyhound  rescue community, there was absolutely zero enthusiasm for the idea.
That is why this year it is so lovely to see the idea taking hold.  East Coast German Shepherd Rescue have held two events this summer ... and if adoptions are the measure of success, both events went very well indeed!
CAPS has been gallivanting off to the Greenwood Mall with good results!   PET Projects has been using every fundraiser to get their adoptables out to meet the public!
Even more exciting of course is the upcoming First Annual Rescue Dog Show that promises to be the mother of all ways to promote animal rescue and pet adoption in this province!
So I was surprised to discover that The Metro Shelter has already jumped on the bandwagon!  With absolutely no Facebook hoopla ... last Friday they started having Mall Dates at the Halifax Shopping Center.   If that passed under your radar too ... not to worry as they will be back there again this Sunday, Aug 28th.   
The notice for this is so low key that no time is mentioned ... but I will try to ferret that out!   Good grief ... I am a middle aged grandmother not an advertising pro, but I suspect that adoption events will garner more attention if they are properly advertised, eh?
Update:   Thank you Tracy .... the time is confirmed on Sunday from Noon to 4(ish) as she has to take the kittens back to the shelter.   Ahhhhh.... kittens!!!!
What time is it?  It is always time to celebrate when good ideas get off the drawing board.   PS ... scroll down to meet the adorable adoptables listed at Metro right now.  Odds are they won't all be there, but perhaps there will be applications you can fill out, hmmm?

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