Monday, August 29, 2011

A little monday morning treat ...

What a wonderful morning in the woods!   Yesterday's weather warnings are history so we could meander along and enjoy the trails at our leisure!
I simply cannot imagine my life without my dogs!  They are fun to explore with and just plain good company whatever we are doing!  
The casual observer could never imagine that there was a time when these dogs were not living the life of Reily.   That they lived very different lives that did not include morning hikes, gentle harnesses, comfy beds and homemade dog food.
That is because they are rescued dogs ... who really do have more love than anyone can imagine when given the opportunity for a better life!  To be perfectly honest, I actually feel sorry for someone who has never experienced the joy of that journey.
All these adorable adoptables are in the care of East Coast German Shepherd Rescue ... who had to postpone their Monthly Dog Walk owing to yesterday's storm.    Normally you would have had a chance to meet these lovelies then ... in lieu of that I have put together a little slideshow for your viewing pleasure :)

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