Monday, August 15, 2011

Its an Adoption Pawty!!!!

I love being able to buy local fruit and fish at all the truckside tables!  This time of year, one cannot drive five minutes in any direction without being able to pick up anything one could wish for the table!
It is really rather frosting on the cake that all this bounty is usually much more reasonably priced than in the retail world.   Even better, it provides an opportunity for folks to meet the people producing their food.  Best of all of course is that what is good for the customer is good for the farmers and fisher folk in sales.
After all,very few folks are going to drive around the countryside looking for produce to buy.   These little tailgate 'parties' are so popular because they are easy and convenient. 
Just like offsite adoption events, eh?   Last month, East Coast German Shepherd rescue held an offsite adoption event at the Homeward Bound City Pound as part of Petfinder's fifteenth Birthday Bash. 
How did that go?  Very well I should say.  Three dogs that were adopted as a direct result of the day!   Nela, Bella and lovely Levi, who had been waiting for his lucky day for seven months!
If I am not mistaken, adoptions with East Coast German Shepherd Rescue seem to be up since then too.    Success breeds success, eh? 
So I was delighted to discover that ECGSR is holding another adoption event this month!   This time it will be at Tailwagggrs in Bedford ( see poster below) ... on this Saturday, August 20th, from Noon to 4 PM!
Just for fun, I have made up a little slideshow of the grrreat dogs they have available for adoption. (scroll down to see :)
What time is it!  It is always time to applaud when good things are happening for the animals! 

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ECGSR said...

Great blog about our adoption event Janet. Thanks...we are hoping to get more dogs noticed at next week's BBQ.