Thursday, August 25, 2011

In Shelbourne County ... the Dog Days are far from over ....

I love the whole idea of companion planting!  The concept really is so darned simple ... that crop yield can be boosted simply by WHERE one plants everything in the garden.
As an organic gardener, I can actually attest to how well it works!   Carrots really do love tomatoes ... and both benefit by the proximity!   Dilled beans may be lovely, but mixing them together in the garden won't yield best results!
Why does it work?  The short version is that each plant family has different nutritional needs and attracts a different gang of pests. 
Why bother?   Setting aside the fact that I am growing my food and that my water comes from a drilled well, organic gardening is just plain easier on the pocketbook.
Good ideas don't always have to come with a hefty price tag, eh?     One of the reasons I find so much to praise about PET Projects is their continual ability to think outside the box.
I am in awe at how effectively they engage the community!  How do they do it?  By partnering of course!   If you live in Shelbourne County and need help keeping your own pet / rehoming strays that come your way / creating a better life for chained dogs in your neighbourhood/ etc, PET Projects will partner with you to help make that happen!
I love their latest campaign ... The Dog Days of Summer!  Every week this month, they have added a new feature targeted at the dogs in their community! 
It is always important to remember that most folks in rural Nova Scotia are at best only one generation away from owning dogs that never came into the house or visited a veterinarian for any reason.  
Real change can only come at the grassroots level and that is what makes PET Projects so effective.   
Their Can Do approach accomplishes amazing things without a big fat price tag!   How do they do it?
  • Instead of saying "no, we don't have room for this stray cat or that litter of kittens, PET Projects partners with people to alter and advertise, using the Stay at Home Foster approach.
  • Even better, they encourage pet owners in their community to keep their pets for life by offering spay neuter assistance, emergency pet food and medical care subsidies.
  • Best of all, their motto is to 'empower, equip and encourage'  their community to address the need of companion animals in Shelbourne County.  You want to see community support?  There are even collection cans in taxicabs there!
What time is it?  It is always time to understand that the road ahead for the animals can only be paved by community support!

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