Thursday, August 4, 2011

Urgent .... rescued foster dog injured !!!!!

We love wading in the river!  Not today of course, when the water is still up so high from the last storm.  Honestly, in all the years I've been hiking there, the river has never been so full so late in the summer!
Three days ago it was shallow enough that my little old geezers were easily able to cross.  Today it would be risky business even for the big dogs. 
Very recently, Atlantic Small Dog Rescue brought a sweet shy dog under their loving umbrella.   Her caregiver had mobility issues and had not been able provide this lovely dog with the exercise and socialization she needed to become her best and most confident self.
Annie must have thought her luck had turned ... as her foster Mom began introducing her to all the wonders the world can hold for a dog.  Walks!  Meeting new people!  Everyday was a new adventure!
In life, as with nature, circumstances can turn on a dime.  Yesterday, while Annie and her foster Mom were out for a walk, disaster struck.  They met a jogger and his dog ... and the short version of this story is that the dog attacked Annie. 
Annie had to be rushed to the vet for emergency surgery on her shoulder.  If you would like to help with that, please click here. I try not to play favourites, but its tough not to have a special affection for the little rescue groups who never cherry pick and who take all the jewels ... no matter how much polishing up is needed.
Atlantic Small Dog Rescue did not say "Quinn is not a small dog!".   They never said that Rascal was too old ... or that they might not be able to place a fellow with arthritis in his spine and special food needs ..... who had eleven years of experience to back up his belief barking was the way to get what he wanted!
No sir!  So yesterday there was no question about it!  The surgery was done so that Annie will have the opportunity to continue to blossom into her best self.  So that she will become confident enough for a second chance at love ... and her first chance at a real dog's life!
What time is it?   It is always time to value the work these hard working little rescues do on our behalf to create better and brighter communities.
Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.   William James

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