Monday, August 8, 2011

Today could be the day you learn how to save a life ....

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.  We all notice the obvious ones.   Dedicated volunteer firefighters who are devoted to their communities and ready to risk life and limb at the drop of a hat.  Stellar role models for our youngsters, such as Sydney Crosby.   Reporters risking life and limb in the firm belief that the truth can set us free.
We all notice the ones we see on the six o'clock news.  The big dramatic stories that we see on the net.   The homecoming parades
Yet for every hero we see, like the proverbial mice, there are ever so many more that simply pass under our radar.  Why?
Perhaps it is that their work is seldom seen as newsworthy.  It lacks the edgy drama of a cup series.   It certainly won't sell papers as well as celebrity indiscretions will.
Such a shame really, when these unsung heroes weave the warp and woof of our world.  Short on hoopla and long on results, they keep quietly creating better communities on our behalf.
I love the little foster based rescues!  They are wizards at stretching every donor dollar to the max!  Their adoptables are well socialized.   Best of all, they are able to offer a realistic real life assessment of each and every one of their adoptables
We are lucky here in Nova Scotia to have the particular expertise of Inge Sadler and Pick of the Litter.   ( if this is your first time here, Inge is the go to expert in this province for saving neo natal orphans )
As of this writing, Inge has 54 kittens in her charge. When the need is so great, it is actually a shame we can't clone Inge:)  
The next best thing would be to find volunteers willing to bottle feed the wee ones for Pick of the Litter. 
If you are interested in becoming an unsung hero, please contact Pick of the Litter directly.  You won't ever get a parade.  Noone will ever give you a medal.
You will get something better than that ... you will learn how to save some lives!
A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom. Bob Dylan.
PS ...  if you cannot commit to that, perhaps one of these adorable adoptables might be your next best friend :)  And that is always helpful too :)

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