Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The animals are the big losers when noone plays the game properly

No doubt about it, I do get a bit of a birds eye view in the course of maintaining the homeless pet sites.   It is impossible to update the sites without noticing who is using either their own sites or Petfinder and who is going the extra mile with nice pictures and appealing writeups. 
At one end of the scale are the private groups who list their adoptables in a variety of different venues.   ASDR, ARC and ESCGR for instance, display their adoptables on their lovely sites and on petfinder. 
Some, like CAPS, list everyone on their roster.   Others, like SHAID, list some, but not all.  The LA Shelter lists all their cats and dogs on their site, but only the dogs on Petfinder.   GPAC uses its lovely website ( and before the keyboards catch on fire, I only just realized that they aren't keeping their Adopt a Pet listings up to date, eh?)
Some, like Lab Rescue have always had witty writeups for every listing ... while branches like Kings and Colchester are newer to the game but catching on quick with heart tugging little tales of how the pets came into rescue.  The best amateur photographer I know has been enlisted to shine the best possible light on the adorable adoptables at Metro.
The point I am making in my meandering way is that almost everyone in the animal rescue world seems to be more cognizant of the need for an online presence of some sort for their adoptables.  In this day and age, when we bank, shop and socialize online, it is poor planning on anyone's part to imagine that adopters aren't browsing online, eh?
Almost everyone.    As long as I have been doing the sites, the Cape Breton SPCA seems to have dug in its heels about advertising their adoptables in any online venue.  
Occasionally, after I whine about it here on my blog, someone will wake up and give them a nudge.    Then there will be a big flurry and a dozen or so of the dogs at the shelter will pop up on petfinder for a while.      As those dogs get adopted (we hope ) or transferred to Metro, the listings slide down to three or four that gather virtual dust for a month or two or more.
Is it the same thing for volunteers to list these dogs on the facebook group they have set up?   Or is the facebook group just a local love in for those who have already adopted pets from the shelter.
I have been told that there is a strong sentiment at the shelter that Petfinder listings are a waste of time.   Of course they are ... when they are only done so sporadically!   Who is going to bother .. when there are ever so many other groups that offer more appealing and informative listings of some sort?
Potential adopters are likely put off by the fact that the Cape Breton SPCA petfinder page still has the same title of "Spring 2006" that I was whining about three years ago!   Why would they have any reason to go any further than that?
If adoptions were rolling along merrily, I would save my breath to cool my porridge.   But it has only been a couple of days since I bailed out of facebook, and at that time the volunteer group was begging for adopters, eh?
What time is it?   It is always time to remember that advertising adoptables online is like the lottery ... there is a better chance of 'winning' if the game is actually played, eh?

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