Thursday, September 22, 2011

There is no such thing as ordinary ....

Last night, in the absence of anything worthwhile on the tube, I watched the Kings Speech ... again.   Why do I love the story so much?  It is more than the obvious bits about being so very well done by some of my favourite actors!  It goes beyond my personal fondness for anything to do with history!   At the end of the day, it is just a such splendid story!  
Who has not rooted for the underdog?   The reason it is a recurring theme in all medium is that deep down, whenever our 'heroes' overcome all odds, it restores our collective faith in possibilities.
This week, Petfinder is having its annual Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week.   Old pets!  Deaf Pets!  Black Pets!  Blind Pets!   This is the week that Petfinder encourages potential adopters to really think outside of the box.
Does that mean that it is wrong for some folks to want the puppy or the kitten?   The well behaved and well socialized dog?   The purebreds?   The cute little lap dogs? 
Of course not!   It simply means that there can be special rewards waiting for adopters who open their minds when they open their homes and their hearts.
We believe Andy was thirteen when he came here .. and according to his vet records Rascal is eleven.   We might not get fifteen years of love together ... but from their very first nights here, we all had a good nights sleep.   No midnight pee breaks.  No missing their mommies!  They walked in, looked around to get the lay of the land and settled right in.  
Morgan was so badly hurt before that she will always have a special hitch to her gait.  That doesn't keep her from being Queen Bee!   Even the big dogs hop when she tells them to!
The most affectionate cats in this house have been the black beauties here!   Even at twenty-something, you can still hear Kitty Bear purr across the room and Clive is just a twenty two pound teddy bear!
After the rough start they suffered, it took a bit of work to get both my beautiful big dogs off on the right paw!   To be perfectly honest ... there are very few journeys more rewarding than that!
The point I am making in my meandering way is that there are very special rewards waiting for those who adopt the underpets.    Pets do not bring our human hangups to the table about disabilities.  
Old dogs really are more experienced at love!   Blind dogs often see better than some humans!   To be perfectly honest, each and every one of the cliches I am so fond of using are true!
In the sixties, there was a popular poster showing a group of differently dressed teens with the caption "There is no such thing as ordinary!"
What time is it?  It is always time to remember that when the right person adopts the right for them pet, the results are always extraordinary!

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