Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Urgent .... The LA Shelter is in desperate need of fosters ....

I love this time of year in Nova Scotia!   For the next few weeks, it will be impossible to drive five minutes in any direction without seeing something absolutely lovely!  
Each and every day there will be a new burst of colors added to Mother Nature's roadside palette .... making it no wonder that visitors come here from far and wide.
One of the nicest drives in the province, for my money, is the old Trans Canada that winds its way through Parrsboro and Springhill before finishing up at Amherst.   To be perfectly honest, I feel a little bit sorry for anyone who hasn't done that drive on a sunny September afternoon at least once.
Amherst has taken the hardest hit from the hike in the PST .... and the LA Shelter has an urgent appeal on their front door for fosters owing to "an unusual number of dogs being surrendered".  
I've always liked these folks.  They were No Kill before most of the others jumped on the bandwagon.   When adoptions are going well, they haven't hesitated to help out other groups that needed a safe berth for their overflow.
Quietly, without a lot of fanfare or fuss, the kind hearts at the privately run LA Shelter have been stepping up and saving lives for several years.
Sometimes we forget how close we are to everything in Nova Scotia.   Amherst isn't on the other side of the moon ..... for those who aren't interested in the ever so scenic drive, it is only a short straight run from the HRM area!  Forget the global bit ... in these online days our province really is one big village!
The LA Shelter has space for twelve dogs.   Straight, sweet and simple.   How can you help?   By adopting or fostering of course!    If you are thinking of enriching your life with a new pal, or would like to learn how to save a life by fostering, this is a place where you could definitely make a difference!
What time is it?   It is always time to remember the power of love when one fosters or adopts!     One good dog at a time, it is a lifesaving game changer, eh?
With that in mind, allow me to introduce the lovely dogs at The LA Shelter :)

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