Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just waiting to become the love of somebody's life ....

I love Miss Ruby!   What's not to love?  She is sweet and snuggly and sociable and a smarty pants!   In short, she is my heart and it is really rather frosting on the cake that she blossomed into such a beauty once she was no longer being starved!
Every now and then, when I am doing site updates, a dog comes along that reminds my of my sweet girl.     Bright and beautiful and just a perfect Happy Tail waiting to happen!
Maybe it is her gentle German Shepherd eyes.   It very likely could be the way she loved having a pal ( and misses him terribly now that he is adopted ).  Possibly it is that she has the same soft velvety ears that just beg to be rubbed.
Whatever the reason, it is beyond my imagining that Sookie has been waiting for months for her ship to come in.   Clearly I am not alone in these thoughts.   
This friendly little dog has made such a wonderful impression that her adoption fee has been subsidized ... which in realspeak means that kind hearts are hoping that a reduced adoption fee might improve her chances of being adopted.
Gas being what it is, that's a great idea for any pet at the Yarmouth SPCA!   It is a three hundred kilometer drive from the city where well over half the folks in this province live.
It is a beautiful time of year for a drive like that.   The roads are still clear, the tourist traffic has slowed down with back to school and of course the leaves would be worth the trip alone!
What time is it?   It is time for everyone to put on their thinking caps to help this adorable dog become the love of somebody's life!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful story, I love how you put exactly what people are thinking, but don't know how to say, into words! Thanks Janet! :)