Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mark your calendar for Thanksgiving Weekend!

Water changes everything ... and nowhere is that more evident than when we are rummaging around the river.  Yesteryears' swimming hole has filled in with river rock and is now garnished with wild mint and Joe Pye Weed.   Every new deluge opens up a new little bit that in time can change the course of things.
Is this a bad thing?  Not necessarily!   Nature, like time, never stands still ... and it is sometimes a misguided human conceit to believe we are responsible for all of it.  
Social change of course is another cup of tea entirely.  That we ARE responsible for.    When I was a young woman, organic gardening and off the grid living were considered the exclusive parvenu of those darned hippies.
How did things change?    Yesterdays impossible dream became today's accepted mainstream practice because environmental activists started speaking up!  
Like my little river, change can open up better paths.    If you are a pet lover who is looking for information on a more natural way of caring for your pets, then this is a very good time to be living in Nova Scotia.   The First Annual Nova Scotia Integrative Pet Health Expo is just around the corner.
No matter where you live in Nova Scotia, Thanksgiving weekend is a beautiful time to go for a drive.    For my money, the leaves are at their peak  ... and yet it is still balmy enough for a tailgate picnic along the way.
There will be lectures and demonstrations ... an exhibitor hall full of natural products and services to explore ... and even a silent auction!    It is being held at the Dartmouth Sportsplex and Holiday Inn Harbourview.
If you want to help spread the good word, click here for a downloadable poster!   Or you could 'like' their facebook page and share it with all your social networking pals!
What time is it?  It is definitely time to mark your calendar for Thanksgiving weekend!  
There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth.  We are all crew.  Marshall McLuhan.

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