Monday, September 12, 2011

But she's an indoor dog ..... sigh

I love the Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network!   It is ever so much more than one of the best volunteer driven initiatives I have ever seen!   It is much, much more than a brilliant idea that is being mirrored around the continent!  
At the end of the day, the best and most beautiful bit is simply using social networking to prevent homeless pets!
After all, every 'Safe N Sound' resolved situation is more than a Happy Ending, it keeps the rescue slots free for the genuinely homeless pets.  
My best friend has heard this spiel from me so many times I am sure he could recite it by rote!   So it was no surprise to get a call from him when he found a cute little dog playing in the middle of the busiest road during Saturday shopping traffic:(
Like half the rest of the world, he wasn't sure what to do.   Before I grabbed my camera to run down to his place, I called both our local vets offices to report a found dog ... description to follow.   ( And before the keyboards catch on fire, it is standard procedure at my vets to call the appropriate AC as well as the local radio stations!   Not the reason I go to the Berwick Animal Hospital but just one more reason I love them, eh? )
The short version of this story is that the little dog ... who turned out to be a very friendly and appealing shihtzu ... had already started to wrap herself around my best friends heart.   Poor little muffin had clearly had puppies recently too!  No Tags!   No visual ID of any sort :(
Pictures were taken, and I brought the very sweet girl back with me to my place.    I have to tell you that I was very proud of my own dogs, as I have never brought an unaltered pet into the this house within their memory!
But I am wandering afield in my meandering way as I often do!   Both vets were updated with a better description, and I had just emailed Janet C to ask about listing the little mystery dog, when her owner called.
He was able to describe her and more importantly, the very unique martingale collar she was wearing.  He had gone into the Greenwood Animal Hospital to buy milk for the puppies and been told about the dog I had found.
I ran down to the vets with the little dog to meet him.   When I asked why she had no ID ... he said "oh she's registered but she's an indoor dog"
Some things just unleash the crusty army mess hall cook Sgt that is my less polite alter ego.    Hopefully hearing that his dog was playing on a busy street in traffic made enough of an impression ... but experience has sadly taught me that when people keep answering " I Know" , "I Know" , " I Know"  ... that they neither know nor have the sense God gave a donut.
What time is it?   It is always time to remember that all pets have a better chance of finding their way home with ID!   Had a different person found this very appealing little dog, odds are buddy would never have seen her again, eh?

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