Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What a lifesaving gamechanger ... when love comes to town!

What a postcard perfect morning in the woods!   The river has warmed back up enough for wading .... the nights are cool enough now there are no morning mosquitoes ... and best of all, we are still weeks and weeks away from hunting season with the worry of wayward hunters!
Life, like our lovely trail, never stands still.  The big dogs are more confident now ... and in realspeak that means there is less heigh ho and away and more comfortable exploring as a group!    Andy is spending more time supervising from his carrier ... and Rascal is learning to embrace his inner mud puppy!
Last month, I did a little trilogy of posts about cat fostering.  How are the little ones that were featured doing?

Reba's beautiful babies that are being well cared for by CAPS are doing wonderfully!  As you can see, Reba is a purrfect little momcat to JT, Faith, Martina and Dixie
Dixie ...gosh does she ever look like my own Dora!!!




Beautiful Reba !!!  Thanks Deb for these purrfect pics of your foster momcat and her babies!

Most of the bottle babies that were with Pick of the Litter have been adopted ... but Vance and Cassidy are still waiting for their ship to come in.   Little Vance is deaf and depends on his little buddy Cassidy!   They are now waiting at Vetcetera to meet their purrfect match!
Of course, since then there have been more new arrivals ... this adorable little marmalade kitten is now available for adoption ... but it will be a while before these newborn puppies that came to Inge from Cape Breton will be ready for adoption.   Gosh these little orphans are so young even with Inge's experience she wouldn't hazard a guess as to what would shake out of their family tree!
little Cassidy (above) and his buddy Vance (below) are at Vetcetera

another new arrival at Inge's

these little orphans came all the way from Cape Breton for the life saving skills of Inge at Pick of the Litter!

How are those appealing kittens in foster doing?  After getting such a good nurturing start, they have gone back to the rescue ... and if I am not mistaken, have all been adopted!   As a matter of fact, their tireless foster Mom has actually been regaling us all on Facebook with the adventures of more little hooligans!
PS ... Pat also brought her shutterbug skills to the First Annual Rescue Dog Show and contributed one of the lovely albums of the event ( along with Joan Sinden, Lisa Davis and Tara Bayne :)  Like I said before, if you want anything done, ask a busy woman!   Pat is also the guiding light for the wonderful Pawprints on Your Heart program .... as well as being a full time working gal!

Pat's newest fosters!

What time is it?   It is always time to acknowledge the unsung heroes who are quietly saving so many lives !  What a difference it makes for the animals when love comes to town, eh?

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